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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Body in Mind, Sports Medicine Research, My Physical Therapy Space, and Allan Besselink.

Body in Mind reviews current research on Body Awareness and Chronic Pain

SMR reviews research from the Am J of Sports Med on Hip and Core Rehab Improving PFS. This goes well with recent research showing hip strengthening also decreasing PFS, and hip dysfunction also causing knee pain. I rarely treat the knee itself unless it's post-surgical or presenting with severe OA.

A post in My Physical Therapy Space by Dr. John Childs, criticizes a PT who has "clung" to seemingly outdated research. I read much of Don Tingy's original work. Despite research showing very little LBP actually originating from the SIJ, I do look at the pelvis and SIJ on occasion. MDT recommends ruling it out with repeated motions, and of course I also use OMPT techniques and education. However, 2-3 weeks in, if still not responding as I would like, I do look at the pelvis/SIJ. However, that is most likely less than 10% of my lumbar cases. I was more interested in the discussion following the post, rather than slamming one a clinician who has only sought to help others by teaching his approach. Read A Blast From the Past

Finally, Allan Besselink posts about his Visceral Response to the APTA's recent embracing of visceral manipulation. While Allan, as a DipMDT, most likely feels the same way about STM as he does about visceral manipulation, I do agree that the APTA shouldn't promote something that promotes the ability to help almost ALL problems, mechanical or otherwise.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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