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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Science Daily, Henley Sports Performance, and MyPhysicalTherapySpace

Science Daily reports on a study about how quickly the brain changes when using an arm or a cast. Bottom line, rest and immobilization should be limited to as little as possible!

A great vid of scapula push up progressionDrew Henley's YouTube channel! I will be trying the more advanced variations tomorrow during my workout!

And finally, but certainly not least, Dr. John Childs, PT, PhD, MBA has a very well thought out post about the problems with our current clinical education system for DPT students. I agree on most of his points. Many of our students are shocked to find out that their CPIs are doing it for free. There are some changes, however. The SUNY Buffalo DPT Program gives their students an option for a clinical residency of up to 6 months at a specialty site, however most do not take it. I don't blame them as most places they wouldn't want to work for free with very little learning for 9 weeks let alone 6 months. One of my last students told me after his second day, "Thank you for giving me the first real learning opportunity." That was his second to the last clinical affiliation!

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