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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA, Sports Medicine Research, and PT Think Tank

Dr. Nickelston demonstrates an Ankle Mobility Drill that incorporates the core, glut med, and ankle mobility!

SMR reviews Core stability exercises in individuals with and without chronic nonspecific low back pain

It's an interesting study, and hopefully will be repeated with a larger treatment and control group. The authors conclude some of what I use in practice. If an individual can perform certain exercises without bracing, they don't have to. I find that bracing can be very useful if a patient cannot perform certain exercises or even simple ADLs like crossing their legs without pain. I also find that verbal and tactile cueing along with changing the intensity, whether it is too much, or not enough makes a difference. If bracing doesn't work, I try hollowing.

Dr. Kyle Ridgeway, DPT updates his Leveraging Technology Series on blogs!

I'm honored to be mentioned along with other great bloggers. Hopefully if you are looking for more PT and health related content you'll find other blogs to follow. Be sure to read Part I, II, and III for making the most of web 2.0.

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