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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are the "PT Fix," a post by Jessephysio on his methods of assessment and treatment of lower back pain, and the Rolling Upper Body Exercise at Functional Movement

It is Now Time to Introduce the "PT Fix" via MyPhysicalTherapySpace

There are several ideas for the PT Fix, our version of the Doc Fix. I totally agree with the elimination of the group therapy code. The only things I bill for are 1 unit of manual and 1 unit of ther ex for the majority of my patients. Do you know how long they're there? You guessed it, a little over 30 minutes. If they actually need more than that, I may bill for 2 unit of ther ex, but that is rare. I've even gotten bilateral TKAs better with only "2 units" worth of "skilled PT" each session. It just takes the right exercises, the right manual, and compliance from education.

Sitting and Getting Back Pain? via Jessephysio

Jesse uses several sources from various experts to show various areas to treat and assess for those who are sitting and having lower back pain. While I agree with these treatments, I also just use a simple MDT approach and give someone a lumbar roll. Often works just as well, but I still look for muscle imbalances/joint dysfunction and treat accordingly. Great post Jesse!

Rolling Upper Body Exercise via Functional Movement

Good demonstration of an exercise that is lower level, but you get a lot of benefit from core to thoracic rotation and even some scapula stabilization on the way back.

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