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The Top 5 Posts of 2011

1) The Psoas Release

2) Pec Minor Release

  • The first two remain popular thanks to link backs from Mike Reinold and The Sports Physiotherapist

3) Thoughts on the FMS level 1

  • Until I attended this, I didn't know how polarizing the approach was. Many in the ortho world have not heard of Gray Cook, PT, and my students had been asking me a lot about "Cook," but I thought they were talking about Chad Cook, not Gray. 

4) How to Fix Plantarfasciitis in 6 Visits or Less

  • One of my original posts, highlighting the approach I have found successful on numerous occasions with patients with chronic and acute cases

5) What is the Mechanism Behind a Rapid Change?

  • The post that generated the most discussion between the "brain heads" and myself representing what they would call old school mechanical PTs. That is despite me being eclectic and subscribing to multiple schools of thought on how to treat different patients. I still firmly believe it's all about the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time.

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