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Research Review: How Muscle Fatigue Originates in the Head

via Science Daily

With all the recent research on the the CNS and chronic pain, it is interesting to see studies on muscle fatigue and it's origins in the brain.

There was a series of 3 studies

  • 1st: They first showed muscle impulses inhibited the primary motor cortex
    • Upon spinal anesthesia, the corresponding fatigue-related inhibition processes became significantly weaker than when the muscle information was intact.
  • 2nd: fMRI was used to isolate the brain areas that had increased activity prior to the energy demanding activity and thus involved in signalling the interruption or fatigue factors
  • 3rd: using a bike ergometer, the researchers determined that the communication between the insular cortex and the primary motoric area became more intensive as the fatigue progressed.
Really interesting finds! Will you be able to educate the early and chronic fatigue to increase performance on patients/athletes?

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