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Great Post! Lumbar Spine Mobilization for Hamstring Strains

Another great post by the Sports Physiotherapist. I had recently used this article in a class I taught and was going to blog about it, but he did first, so I'll just link back to his site. 

You can screen apparent hamstring "strains" very quickly with a repeated motion exam. If unilateral, I would recommend checking repeated sidegliding toward the involved side to check for obstruction. Neurodynamics of the sciatic nerve should also be checked along. Assessment and treatment of the neural container should include

  • lumbar spine PIVM and mob/manip, plus applicable repeated motions for treatment
  • QL, psoas, piriformis, hamstring/gluteal junctional zone, gastroc/soleus STM
  • hip ROM and mobilizations
  • talocrural and subtalar joint accessory motion and mobilizations
  • neurodynamic tensioners/sliders

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