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Technique Highlight: Belt Mobilization with Movement for Hip IR

This is one of my "go to" techniques as most patients with lower quarter dysfunction present with hip limitations in hip IR. Unilateral lumbar derangements to hip bursitis, ITB friction syndrome, and PFS, among others all seem to have hip limitations as a pattern.


  • hooklying
  • standing beside involved limb
  • belt around your buttocks and wrapped around pt's proximal hip
  • pt may hold belt in place if it slides distally during the mob
  • distract laterally and hold the oscillation
  • if pt is uncomfortable you may add a towel to limit the pressure on their adductors
  • MAINTAIN the traction as you swing your hips toward the pt's head
  • the pt actively internally rotates with you as you maintain traction
  • like any Mulligan Technique, this should be 100% pain free
  • perform in sets of 10 reps, 3-4 sets
  • you should notice rapid improvement in hip IR, end feel, and pain free range
I apologize ahead of time for the clicking sound in the current video. I will re-shoot it soon. It happens when the user has his finger on or around the microphone of the camcorder.

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