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Great Vid! Multimodal Approach to Treatment of a Patient with CP

Dr. Andrew Bennett, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT uses an interesting multimodal approach of OMPT techniques including dry needling, STM, and IASTM - using the EDGE on a patient with cerebral palsy. The video is a full treatment of her forearm with some before and after functional measures! Nothing like capturing it on video for some proof of concept! For you impatient types, watch the initial few minutes, then check around 8:50 for the dramatic improvement in hand function. Great Job Dr. Bennett!

I just evaluated a very similar patient from one of my top referring docs, a neurologist. She normally sends me spinal patients, and I was suprised to see an evaluation for strengthening that was an adult with CP. She has very similar functional limitations with her left forearm as well. She thought she was in for some UBE, pulleys, and hand weights. She was surprised at the OMPT approach I explained I was going to take. Next visit I will use STM and IATSM plus some light joint mobilizations to improve her forearm and hand function.

I am curious to see how well the approach works for lasting results with a neuromusculoskeletal case like this. She will definitely be a future case writeup in the next few weeks after 3-4 treatments.

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