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Great Post! Mirror Neurons

via NOI Notes

Another great post from the archives of NOI Notes. The implications for realizing mirror neurons are numerous. Demonstrating HEP or an exercise for a patient with aberrant or painful movement should be done well and repeatedly. Love Butler's initial thought!

"Don't hang out with idiots all the time!"

I have been having my students learn manual techniques from different perspectives:

  • watching me do the technique on a patient
  • having me perform the technique on them
  • breaking down the components of the technique when they are doing it with verbal and tactile cues
  • having them watch the videos on the blog/youtube page
  • reading a description of the technique
I got this idea from a current intern who learned to juggle as part of a motor control class; the instructor presented different ways to juggle for 15 minutes at the beginning of each class. By the end of the semester, they could all juggle three objects!

We know from education research that there are many different learning styles and we can take that and apply it to teaching movement and exercise to patients and students.

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