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Technique Highlight: Lateral Upper Arm Release

Many clinicians ignore this often dysfunctional area. I call it the "ITB" of the upper quarter. It is the junctional zone between the lateral biceps and triceps and the anterior deltoid and biceps. It is more restricted than the medial side to palpation of the same area, and more than the posterior deltoid and triceps. I believe this is likely due to internally rotated static postures and adaptive shortening.

This technique is indicated for:
  • shoulder impingements
    • They often have restrictions in internal rotation, and referred pain to this point from TrPs in the    supraspinatus
  • frozen shoulder
    • improving the humerus ability to rotate within the arm musculature helps both IR and ER
  • radial nerve entrapment
    • chronic radiculopathies, lateral epicondylagia can all benefit from this technique as part of treating the neural container

The video contains instructions on stripping, functional release, and tool assisted release. Enjoy and hope it helps!

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