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Guest Post: The 5 E's

From frequent guest author, colleague, and friend, Chris Nentarz.

WANTED: success.  NEEDED: commitment.
Christopher J. Nentarz, PT, CSTS, NASM-PES, CSTI

Are patients willing to follow your treatment programs?

Are clients willing to invest their time and resources to train with you?

Are athletes focusing their energy and attention towards your practices?

No one is obligated to listen to us, and getting ‘full buy-in’ is a key ingredient for success in the rehabilitation and performance industry.   Lack of commitment will bring, at the least, less than optimal results. Whether you are a personal trainer, coach or rehab specialist, we should use the 5 E’s as a guide to help get your clients to commit to action.
ENGAGE   Engagement is connecting with others in an authentic and exciting way.  Involve others by their getting their attention.  Tell an interesting story.  And listen to hear how you can best serve your patient.
ENROLL   Enroll others by getting them to sign up for your plan to achieve their goals.  Set attainable goals.  We are always more willing to act once we register.  Work hard, lead by example and own your actions before expecting others to follow.

ENERGIZE   Energy is fuel for achievement.   Show your excitement and passion towards achieving your purpose.  And always look at the positive side of a situation, as it will change the mindset of others.  After all,  “Positivity breeds success.”
EMPOWER   Empower those around you to assume responsibility for their own actions.  Transferring ownership to your patients will create a culture of accountability.  Accountability will create execution.
ENTHUSIASM    Expressing enthusiasm is a choice.  Be crazy about making a positive impact.  Create interest by acting to serve those around you. If you don’t, who will?

Achieving success can compare to growing a vegetable garden.  It takes the right ingredients like good planning, hard work and time.  Getting ‘full buy-in’ from others is one of the most important elements needed to reach the common goal of success.  Hopefully, implementing the 5 E’s into your practices will help you produce the fruits of accomplishment.

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