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Keeping the Window of Improvement Open

I spend a lot of time with patients explaining how pain and perceived threat lower their pain and movement thresholds.

Many patients are visual learners so I used to draw it on a whiteboard or a tablet, but it looked crude. I developed a much better looking video that you can use during your evaluation or even email the patient prior to initial evaluation or just after so they understand Modern Manual Therapy concepts better. 

Keeping the Window of Improvement Open

This video covers
  • what thresholds are
  • what raises and lowers them
  • what that means for pain and movement
  • how a combination of education, hands on techniques, and exercise raise thresholds
  • the patient's active role in reinforcing the improvement made in the clinic
Feel free to share on your social media, embed on your clinic practice page, etc! 

Interested in live cases where I apply this approach and integrate it with pain science, manual therapy, repeated motions, IASTM, with emphasis on patient education? Check out Modern Manual Therapy!

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