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Thursday Thoughts: What Do You Think of This Runner?

We know that asymmetry is a good predictor of future injury in more active population. It was even recently studied that higher scores higher on the FMS are predictor of better performance in elite track athletes.

For you viewing pleasure, here is a current triathlete I am treating for a few problems that I will not bias you with. For those of you doing running gait analysis, give me your thoughts below. Next week, I'll be posting 3 sets of observations:

  1. myself - biased more due to knowing the history and the patient
  2. Chris Johnson, that triathlete cyborg
  3. Zac Cupples, my PRI go to resource
 I thought it would be interesting if we all watched the videos of him running outside after a few laps and then the same day after one of his faster half marathons. The videos are below.

Laps around the park

Slow Motion on the Treadmill

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, email me, or on my facebook

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  1. Severe "cross-over" stride, right > left. Because of that issue, his left arm abducts more than the right to provide balance to the body as the rt foot strikes under midline. I'd predict he's suffering from an overuse injury on the right lower extremity. I.e., plantar fasciitis, post tibial issue, or ITB/lat. hip pain.

  2. Agree with the severe cross over gait pattern, R>L. He also looks like he has some L glute weakness during L stance resulting in a contralateral hip drop and L lateral flexion/rotation in the lumbar spine (causing more of an adducted R arm swing compared to the L). I agree with Jon's injury predictions along with possible L low back pain.

  3. Most are coming up with similar views on his form. I'll list his symptoms on either Monday or Wednesday's post. He said in the now, his tracks are in a line! That's some major cross over!

  4. Great views, I'll be sure to add both yours and Jons to the post next week! Symptom list/history will be posted then too!

  5. My thought was R knee/hip/low back possibilities and L c/s

  6. Poor technique. Leaning too far forward. Knees straight when inserted in the ground especially right leg as he slams his heel and foot to the ground hard. Does not lift the right knee high enough.

  7. This patient has a number of faults in his running and almost has a "prancing" gait (as described in the video below. The two main running specific faults I note is his cadence is too slow and he has no reward drive of the arms (this can be caused by many things) but I am not sure anyone else mentioned this. I have included the link to the video from in which Dr. Mark Cucuzella explains about efficient running (personally I think this is the best explanation of running economy I have heard/seen). Let me know what you think!

  8. I saw R arm crossing midline in swing, decreased hip extension LEFT Leg. I'm guessing LEFT hip pain and/ or knee pain (he might be producing some extra arm swing outside of sagittal plane to compensate for lack of LEFT hip IR/extension)

  9. Left knee pain, right shoulder pain, very close! I wrote up his eval last week as well on a different post