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Apologies to Allan Besselink

Allan Besselink contacted me via twitter and said his post regarding "an eclectic approach" was not directed toward me. I apologized and am doing so again. Sorry Allan! I have taken down my response from my site. While I still do not get the movement toward less tools in the bag, that's an discussion for another time (or is it?)

Keeping it Eclectic, but knows when he's wrong...


  1. I didn't get to read your response, Dr. E, but I did read his blog post and I don't understand what he's driving at in the least.

    Critical thinking and clinical reasoning tells us that its beneficial to have "many tools in your tool belt." Not only that, but most researchers disagree on the research itself leaving people to rely on said research, but also their own clinical experience. Which again tells most people, the more techniques you can try on a patient who is not responding the better for that patient.

  2. Many MDT practitioners are against most hands on treatments, that is where Allan is coming from. The others who are against being Eclectic, I am not sure where they are coming from.