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Tim Flynn: Musculoskeletal PT Solution to Chronic Spinal Pain

Tim Flynn gave a short presentation entitled Musculoskeletal PT: A Solution to Chronic Spinal Pain

Here are some disturbing stats:
  • $86 billion in MD visits, clinics, surgery and prescription meds last year
  • a Worker's Comp study with 725 fusion vs 725 controls
    • surgical cases 1 in 4 chance of repeat surgery
    • 1 in 3 chance of complication
    • 1 in 3 chance of never returning to work again
    • more deaths in spinal fusion group
  • why is it still an option? 

A study from 2004 showed that

  • fusion rate rose by 77%
  • THA and TKA only rose by 13%
What's the #1 predictor of having a spinal fusion in the US?

  • zip code!
Another predictor is if surgeons own the MRI, the likelihood of having spinal surgery increased by 34%
Patients should ask
  • do you own the MRI machine?
  • and then state, I'm going to my Physical Therapist
All in all, just more verification that we are a much better, cheaper, effective, and less deadly alternative to spinal fusion. How about all the $$ we save gets passed on to us by those insurance companies already?

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  1. I did read this stat before that Dr. Flynn gave on zip code being #1 indicator! Quite fascinating! Unfortunately it doesn't surprise me.

    Good updates, keep it coming!