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Suggested Touring Areas!

I'm in the process of setting up areas and dates with the CE company for my US "Tour" next year.

I posted this on twitter and FB, but forgot to include the most obvious place! Leave comments below or email me in the right sidebar link.

I'm suggesting NYC, Chicago, LA, Las Vegas, and Boston so far. Any other requests? Email me! My planned courses are
1 Day

  • Neurodynamics
  • TMD
  • IASTM with the EDGE Tool
2 Days
  • Thrust Manipulation
  • TMD with Eclectic Upper Quarter Approach
  • The Eclectic Approach to the Upper Quarter
  • The Eclectic Approach to the Lower Quarter


  1. Grand Rapids, MI. If not, I will look forward to the Chicago course. How do we get the heads up on your final dates and times? Can't wait!!

  2. Once the schedule is finalized, I'll be announcing it! We're trying to nail down the calendar for the first 6 months of the year 2013

  3. How about somewhere in the south. Atlanta would be great!

  4. How about Raleigh, NC. We will treat you with southern hospitality! Ha

  5. I'll put it on the list if I get enough interest! Thanks HV!

  6. That is 2 votes for ATL

  7. I would love the iastm course in chicago

  8. So you can learn more than just the "basics?"