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For those of you on twitter, I posted a few days ago about POPTs, which got a lot of other PTs joining the discussion.

It evolved into the broader problems with the profession of PT. If you are on twitter, use the hashtag #solvept and see what others are posting. Hopefully this will continue and grow! In the meantime, check out Selena's post on The Pulse of Physical Therapy.

Update! Here is a great post by Dr. Kyle Ridgeway on PT Think Tank on #SolvePT.

I will be posting the #solvept feed from twitter into my blog every few days (providing it keeps going) for those of you not using twitter (why aren't you?).


  1. Thanks for sharing my post. Awesome idea to post the feed to your blog, I think that will be awesome!

  2. No problem, great post! I was thinking after this takes off, we could have something like #badpoptstales from both clinicians and patients.