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Great Post! Trigger Points and a Sympathetic State

via Patrick Ward/Optimum Sports Performance

Great Post by Patrick Ward regarding what the research has shown regarding TrPs and nervous system components.

I tend to find TrPs, but not treat them directly. I treat them indirectly by working on the mm imbalances with STM/IASTM and functional release, then correcting the posture and movements associated with the areas. Upon reassessment, the TrPs are often no longer there. If still there, but diminished, I try something less painful, like counterstrain, and then finally try to treat it directly. That is my approach when I find a TrP during physical assessment. What is yours?


  1. Mind giving what movement impairments you usually see with chronic QL trigger points and what corrections / exercises you utilize?

  2. Normally sidebending or sidegliding to the ipsilateral side, posteriorly rotated ilium or upslip (if you treat or even believe in those dysfunctions, which are rare among lumbar patients). I normally release funtionally with a QL release in sidelying, which if I haven't already posted will do so in the future. For corrective exercise, it's repeated sidegliding in standing toward (if posterolateral derangement) or standing, SB away, with UE reach overhead - again, will be posted soon!