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Great Post: Scars and Scar Tissue

Via Patrick Ward

I hear clinicians tell their pts about "scar tissue" all the time. What many of them don't differentiate is scar tissue is formed from an injury/inflammation, and adhesions are from immobility. They are two different things, and not necessary occurring with each other, especially without injury. Patrick gives a great explanation of scar tissue, what it is, and what you can do about it.


  1. With this in mind, what do you tell patients when you perform TASTM?

  2. I still tell them that the cause of their dysfunction, whether it is peripheral nerve entrapment, or simple loss of ROM, is adhesions when it is from movement loss or abberant motion, or from scar tissue if from injury. Until it is just more than theory and conjecture, I still them the tissue must be remodelled. Remodelling is form of stretching that may cause discoloration, bruising, and soreness, but should never make the symptoms they are being treated for worse.