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Case Update: The Dreaded Lateral Shift

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At last follow up, he was manipulated and told to keep up with lumbar extensions in standing. At the next week (1 week between follow ups) he stated he was shifted, but pain free. He was able to work out the shift with his HEP. The week prior, he had bowled once and flared up. This week, he had played hockey twice, starting working out again, and bowled. Only on the fourth day did he wake up shifted. He presented with some mild restrictions in his right lumbar paraspinals and QL which was easily released. We concentrated on mobilizing his hips. When he demonstrated repeated extension in standing, he was not going to end range. He was instructed on performing it more regularly, especially on active days, and standing with the front of his hips against a table and going to end range. I'll keep you updated on his progress, but I have no doubt he will come back symptom free if he is compliant and moving toward the magic end range.


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