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Bread and Butter Technique: Subcranial Shear Distraction Variations

I hope you have found the skull crusher or subcranial shear distraction as useful a technique as I have. Whether you are a MDT, Paris, Mulligan, or overall eclectic practitioner, ANYONE who treats cervical patients should consider using it. Below is a video of variations on unilateral progression and functional movements to increase the stretch as progressions. Check it out!

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  1. I currently have a patient with cervicogenic headaches/migraines ongoing for 2 years. Here is the full case study:
    Pt is a 37 y/o female with h/o headaches past 2 years with migraines occuring 10-15 times per month with light sensitivity and nausea. In 2003, she had bilateral TMJ prosthetics implainted, however she continues to experience pain and pressure in the L>R TMJ. She has a h/o of trigeminal neuralgia, optic neuritis. She has received PT prior to surgery with no pain relief, she has received several trials of chiropractcs with no relief, biofeedback/injections/medications without any significant relief. Her occupation is a parole officer - primarily desk, computer work.
    After learning a masseter release and subcranial shear distraction (roughly one week ago), integrating a lumbar roll with c/s retraction 10 reps once per hour, and work place set up modifications she has had one migraine with less intensity and duration as previously.
    The problem is now - her TMJ opening is roughly 30mm and she is unable to actively R lateraly deviate. She continues with severe muscle spasm in L>R masseter, proximal scalenes and SCM. (I have been doing TMJ mobs to the best of my abilities and her tolerance).
    I'm unsure where to progress her program from here. I"m looking for any advice or additional direction to help solve this patients migraine and TMD problem.
    Feel free to comment!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance
    Amanda M. Black MPT,DPT