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A Novel Shoulder Special Test

I recently completed a Modern Manual Therapy: Eclectic Approach to TMD at Perfect Stride PT in NYC.

I was honored to have Dr. Dave Tilley from shiftmovementscience.com at my course. He showed me a great new shoulder special test that he uses on his elite athletes.

A Novel Shoulder Special Test

Hope you enjoyed the video! If you rewatch, you'll notice Dave is already cracking up before he starts and has to compose himself. Does he actually do this clinically? Absolutely! It's purpose is to break the ice from some overly serious elite level athletes who are a bit too stoic for their own good.

Try it on your students at least! It's bound to get a great reaction!

Interested in live cases where I apply this approach and integrate it with pain science, manual therapy, repeated motions, IASTM, with emphasis on patient education? Check out Modern Manual Therapy!

Keeping it Eclectic...


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