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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Updates on Services, Products, Courses and More!

Just wanted to update on several things you may have missed due to my crazy posting schedule across my blogs and social media.
1) Relaunching of Stop Thought Viruses with infographics
  • hoping the infographics catch on and will be shared on social media as a means to educate the public on the realities of imaging and its relevance (or lack thereof) to pain
  • hint, please share them!
2) Mobility 2 Perform
  • I have been slipping in the new website on a few of my videos filmed with my colleague and good friend, Chris Nentarz
  • we are going to launch a series of 2-4 workshops for CrossFit, Runners, Coaches, and basically anyone fitness or movement minded (Yoga, Pilates)
  • the emphasis will be on quick and easy self screens, resets, and NO SMASHING or painful techniques
3) Therapy Insiders Podcast
  • since my first two podcasts last year, I have joined the Therapy Insiders and we have been on a tear lately interviewing some great #BizPT minded guests
  • everyone from Jerry Durham, to Ann Wendel, and just last night interviewed Johnny Owens, MPT who I actually had a several page bullet list mini CV to research before interviewing him
  • he is one of the pioneers of blood flow restriction training
  • we podcast weekly and have a growing list of hosts, perfect for your commute!

4) EDGE Health and Tech Solutions
  • I do all my websites myself and turns out, I developed a knack for it, being a tech nut
  • since this post on using Google Apps as inexpensive EMR, and after doing on Dr. Aaron LeBauer's great #CashPTLunchHour, there has been good interest on consultations for doing similar things
  • EDGE Health and Tech offers website/blog development, logo design, integration with google apps for EMR (HIPAA compliant), social media integration, and google hangouts for onliine tech support, all by a clinician, and not some random IT professional
  • Nxt Gen PT is the perfect group to collaborate with The Eclectic Approach as are like minded merging Modern Manual Therapy and Evidenced Lead Practice
  • The course will be part online, and 2.5 days of lab and live cases along with some mandatory didactic testing, practicals, and case reports
  • pre-sign up is here!
So yeah, I've been busy, and those are only some of the things I have been up to! More content to come! Also bonus
  • CPP for the UQ/Shoulder was very popular and this one was long awaited
  • thanks to all my loyal subscribers!
Keeping it Eclectic...


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