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Dual Kettlebell Assisted Trunk Rotation and Hip Hinging

Work on two important motions for function with this mobility drill.

Dual Kettlebell Assisted Trunk Rotation and Hip Hinging
  • grab two kettlebells or dumbbells - preferably as heavy as you can tolerate
  • if using bells, you may need to kneel on a step, I covered the step I was using with a folded yoga mat
  • stack your upper and lower body over one another, getting in neutral, but not overly lordotic in the lumbar spine
  • let the bells drop your scapula into set position
  • lock your hips in IR to prevent hip rotation during trunk rotation
  • picture the rotation coming from your mid trunk/thoracic spine
  • let the bells lead the hip hinge and keep your trunk upright and neutral
  • this should not cause any pain, a sensation of stretch is ok

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  1. Ken Cieslak, DC, ATC, CSCSApril 1, 2015 at 11:04 AM

    Hello Erson,

    I see the concept, but would we not be concerned that loading with heavy bells would create a large amount of axial compression, and combined with encouraging rotation, would that not be risky for those with disc issues? I am concerned for the loading? What is your take?

    Ken Cieslak

  2. It's mainly for asymptomatic people or those with thoracic mobility issues or trouble with hip hinging. Discs are pretty resilient and I'm not worried. I never have anyone in pain do this however. The compression isn't a lot when distributed along the arms and trunk as a whole and if you're worried they could always follow up with some extension in standing or lying.

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