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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Courses I am Looking Forward To This Year

Sometimes it's great to take a break from teaching on the road and just sitting back, moving and learning! Here are 5 Courses I am looking forward to taking this year.

5 Courses I am Looking Forward to

1) SFMA 2
  • It's been 3 years since I first took the SFMA and it has really helped dictate treatment and find asymmetries I otherwise may have overlooked
  • since I have no formal training in the 4x4 Corrective Exercise Matrix, I thought it was time to hear it from the horse's mouth
  • hopefully Boston can dig itself out this weekend!

  • I loved KinetaCore's FDN Level 1 - review here
  • also, being in NY, I do not often get to use TDN other than educational or for literal "practice" so taking their Functional Therapeutics Level 1 to log more sessions and practice the psychomotor skill will be very useful

  • RedCord Equipment is an amazing way to turn any movement/exercise into a closed chain exercise
  • you can have a near infinite way to progress and regress any movement and mitigate threat
  • I want to delve into the system a bit more before I have one installed for my practice in Houston

  • I recently read and reviewed Anatomy for Runners here
  • since I am both a auditory and visual learner, I was psyched to see Jay Dicharry offer courses on MedBridge
  • if you are a runner or treat runners, you need to read or take these courses!

  • I first saw Adriaan Louw assisting David Butler in 2002 during one of the first Explain Pain Courses in the USA
  • I highly recommend his text Therapeutic Neuroscience Education, but again, after just reading the text, I want to hear him lecture about the same research and ways to interact with your patient

To save on MedBridge, use this link and help support The Manual Therapist! Remember, I have two courses, The Eclectic Approach to TMD and The Eclectic Approach to Clinical Neurodynamics as well!

What courses are in your CE future?

Keeping it Eclectic...


  1. I have taken 3 of Jay's courses so far on Medbridge and am slowly but surely making my way through his book, great stuff. Enjoy!

  2. How do the courses compliment or review the book?

  3. I am only through the first couple chapters but so far I have recognized quite a few quotes from his online courses (though it's probably the other way around since the book was written first). It's actually been very helpful to me to remember some of the points that I may have forgotten from his online courses. I'm hoping to have his stuff down pretty well as he will be presenting at his Healthy Running course/clinic at my clinic in April.

  4. Hi Dr. E, for a new grad just getting started in practice if you could only suggest one seminar/course what would it be? I noticed on your OMPT channel/blog articles you utilize a lot of SFMA for your screens and MDT for HEP. I recently purchased Gray Cook's movement ebook which touches on SFMA and I have been leaning towards taking something to help me out with creating better HEPs.

  5. It's by and far MDT because the simplicity of the repeated motion exam and HEP

  6. I had a feeling that was the better option. When you were going through the course did you take it online Dr. E?

  7. MDT? No, I took them all before there was an online option. I didn't even know there was one! It's very helpful to take them live as they use real patients. Seeing the instructor get them to end range, educate, and interact with them is very helpful.