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Toe Touch Motor Control Strategy

Just like scapular position may influence the quantity and quality of glenohumeral movement, the starting position of the pelvis may affect your lumbopelvic mobility.

If you have difficulty with toe touch, there are many reasons, the least of which for most people being "tight" hamstrings, the epidemic that never existed. Try checking your pelvic position, if you are in an anterior pelvic tilt, your hips are already flexed, and your posterior chain is probably facilitated. Both of these change the quantity and quality of the movement, limiting your toe touch.

If this rapidly improves your toe touch, great! If not, there are other strategies you can try like squeezing a ball between your inner thighs, activating your pelvic floor, exhalaing, and more.

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  1. Never knew that but with my clients, they have proper posture but very tight hamstrings b/c of lack of stretching which causes so many other issues. Plus, overstretched quads result in very tight hams.

  2. Hi Debbie, very few people have "tight" hamstrings. Most are able to rapidly gain motion, which means it is normally a motor control issue or a change in perception of stretch, which limits the flexibility. True tissue lengthening takes over 4-6 weeks in most cases by adding new sarcomeres in length to the muscle, but like I said, very few cases are really "tight" or have a lack of length.

  3. Thanks for sharing! This can definitely help when in my yoga practice because I often feel it is because my hamstrings are tight, but I'm glad there could be another solution!

  4. I'll make sure to tweet this out so others can know as well!