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Kneeling Kettlebell Plank

Thanks to a patient who learned this exercise from an excellent personal trainer, I present the kneeling kettlebell plank!

It's works well in the 4x4 Corrective Exercise matrix as a pattern assisted exercise. Instructions
  • get as heavy as a bell as comfortable
  • get into tall kneeling and have the bell behind your back
  • upright posture, but not hyperlordotic, press the bell down into the ground
  • while your scapula are set and stable, you may do cervical disassociation exericses
    • slow cervical rotations
    • cervical retraction with or without rotation, sidebending, or extension
    • practice diaphragmatic breathing
    • thoracic rotations
This exercise even helped what I thought was a chronic frozen shoulder patient with about a 75% loss in all planes turn into a rapid responder, cleaning up elevation in flexion, scaption, and ER to almost FN in just 1 week! Shows what grooving a little scapula stability can do. In a video either this or next week, I'll show the other exercise that helped with the rapid response.

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  1. I see you say in your instructions to press the ball into the ground, however in the video it looks like the kettle bell is off the ground. It would be great if you could clarify. Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks for this! I've just started pairing this with tall kneeling halos and it's been working great.

  3. No problem, I'm glad it helped you like it did me/my patients!

  4. Sorry, should have been more clear, that is just a cue to drive it downward, not an actual literal commmand. Most likely will be off the ground