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Anti-Rotation Scapula Stability Exercise

Here is a variation of a serratus punch combined with an anti-rotation exercise for some core stability along with promoting scapula stability.

  • have the patient in standing or as a regression tall kneeling
  • you may try this in a cable machine, TrX, Jungle Gym XT, etc
  • have the patient lean forward until challenging at the edge of their ability
  • trunk stays in neutral and they have to prevent rotation as it is a unilateral upper quarter closed chain exercise
  • for 2-3 minutes alternate between
    • shoulder circumductions
    • slow alternating arm circles into ER and IR
    • scapula protraction and retraction without scapula elevation
  • progressions
    • lean forward more
    • put feet together
    • progress to single leg stance
  • if this is painful/regressions
    • regress into tall kneel, or have them put their feet more underneath to limit the WB
    • wrap the upper arm with an EDGE Mobility Band
    • perturbate the cable or TrX strap behind them to facilitate scapula stabilizers (or further challenge, it may have either effect)
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