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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Con-Ed Goals in 2014

At the beginning of each year, I take a look at where I want to develop myself professionally and my weaknesses. I then come up with a list of courses I want to take that year.

Some of these courses were on my list last year, but it was a very busy year as I taught much more than I took!

1) PRI's Pelvic Restoration and Advanced Integration
  • I trust Zac Cupples, the professional Con-ED taking/reviewing machine
  • if he thinks PRI is worth taking and gives you access to the nervous system via non-threatening inputs that other approaches do not, then I need to have a better understanding
  • since it's gotten to the point where I no longer understand his reviews of their courses, I need to take more, and cannot critique a system I only have taken 2 home courses in
  • I plan on ordering the Pelvic Restoration Home Study Course in a few days
2) FMS Level 2
  • needless to say, when I took the first FMS course almost 2 years ago with a colleague, we had a blast!
  • it was refreshing to learn a movement based approach to screening, but also have many different types of individuals in the room, not just a bunch of stuffy clinicians!
  • I use the FMS getting around to official "discharge" time to see if there is more we need to look at or address, but have no formal training in the corrective exercises advocated by Functional Movement Systems
  • see above
  • the SFMA has become a large part of how I test and retest within sessions and while my MDT supplemented by various OMPT treatment approach helps both motor control and symmetry, I want more ways to skin these movement cats
  • I want formal training in the 4x4 Corrective Exercise Matrix, while I can make up exercises to correct movement based on these principles, it's always great to see examples from clinicians using it daily
4) Graded Motor Imagery
  • I have the text, but again, but I am a visual learner and can't pass up a NOI course if it's coming to my hometown in just a few months!
5) HKC or Strong First Kettlebell Course
  • This was on my list last year and it escaped from me
  • while I have watched Gray Cook's videos on kettlebells, and feel like the Strong First cert is not for me (yet), I do want to learn the principles and make sure I have a professional evaluate my swing, goblet squat, and get-up
What courses are you looking to take in 2014? 

Keeping it Eclectic and learning new inputs....


  1. I'm taking 2 PRI courses this year: impingement and instability in May and then pelvic restoration in October. Next week I am headed to James Dunning's level 1 spine manip course in Atlanta. Then it's either advanced SFMA at the FMS symposium (yet to be confirmed) in NC or possibly Dunning's extremity manip course in December - in NC we can manip anything except spines without a script.

  2. Excellent course list and thanks for the shout out. Humbled :)

    When you take pelvis, would highly recommend getting the pelvis model. That was essential for me understanding the inlet/outlet position.

  3. Luckily already have a pelvis model back from when my wife was a Women's Health PT and when we were natural childbirth instructors (little known fact!)

  4. That's a solid lineup and very busy year! You need a script to manip a spine? Sigh.... That's a lot of joints!

  5. Yeah, pretty annoying about the spine but at least we have true direct access and can dry needle no script required.

  6. Can you imagine a state practice act limiting MDs in prescribing a certain drug or needing a referral for an injection?

  7. 2014 SFMA 1, FMS 1, DNS A and Possibly McKenzie E...2013 was all the McKenzie A-D Courses...My thoughts as a young pracitioner was to get great at evaluation first and treatment gets easier.

  8. Yes! Great that you finished the series as opposed to taking them Hodge podge. Busy year for you! What good is treatment without clinically sound evaluation?