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Blogcast Wednesdays! Nursemaid's Elbow Reduction

Here is a simple technique you can try on a little one complaining of elbow pain, and unable to lift there arm after seemingly no trauma.

I experienced this firsthand and actually reduced it myself with the magical parent's kiss. I thought, immediate threat reduction from Dad! Actually, I probably reduced the radial head subluxation without thinking!

Just a quick update on my leg situation. Also had a skype consult with Perry Nickelston who through an NKT assessment found my right iliacus was facilitated. Releasing this reduced my feelings of pain and impingement with passive hip flexion. For the most part, with PRI performed regularly and a little NKT to boot for HEP, I am feeling 60-80% better in static positions.

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  1. Will you post your NKT session?

  2. Thank you for posting this! Many years ago I accidentally caused a nursemaid's elbow to a child that I was watching. It reduced on it's own but not until after a trip to the ER and potential imaging. I have a 2 year old now and also an 8 week old. I hope I never have to use this technique on them but it's reassuring to know that I now have a technique that I can use.

  3. Np Matthew! I hope so as well, but it is a very simple and useful technique when indicated! Was hoping to save young parents like yourself an ER trip!