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Quick Cases from Eclectic Approach to STM Champaign, IL

Here is a series of videos I shot as SGIS movement assessments at a recent Eclectic Approach to STM in Champaign, IL.

 Her history is "constant" right LBP and hip pain. 80% of the time, it hurts all the time according to her. As you can see, she is a very fit 55 yo female who does yoga, pilates, martial arts, among other strength training. she passed the SFMA with flying colors according to her partner. However.... major loss of SGIS to the involved side.

First interventions were psoas release and QL release on the right. Her SGIS then looked like this.

 The next intervention was shift correction to the right, about 2-3 sets to end range.

Lastly, I did some very light IASTM to her ITB for about 2 minutes. Not enough to even cause a bit of redness... and....

This is a series of pics from someone with a recent hamstring strain. I asked her "Ok, but why did it happen in the first place? Among other things (rolling patterns and issues with Baby Get Up) there was also a significant loss of tibial IR and previous history of right knee pain for 20+ years as a runner. All Tx was done by her partner.

This was the measurement prior to IASTM. I suggested doing 1-2 minutes of light IASTM on the lateral upper LE patterns.

Right tibial IR improved to this... then I suggested light IASTM (all Tx was by her partner) to lateral lower LE patterns for another 1-2 minutes.

Looks pretty good! I instructed her on using EDGE Mobility Bands wrapped around the proximal tibia and the half kneel ankle dorsiflexion stretch combined with tibial IR MWM.


  1. With the shift correcting you did on her were you pushing into the restricted side? SO you put right so shoulders right, hips left, were you doing this with your shoulder on her side like you showed in the shift correction video or on the wall?

    Also when she tested it after she said "it hurts a little bit", even through its restricted and hurt some on testing, are you OK with pushing into it because she didn't have radicular symptoms?

  2. Hey Jason, I was manually shift correcting her like in my video link I shared with you from my youtube channel. As in shoulders right, hips left, because she had a loss of sidegliding, which is loading the ipsilateral side of pain. I'm ok with pushing into it and end range, not b/c a lack of radic Sx, but because it was yellow light, increase during the motion, does not remain worse as a result. Every discomfort was gone by the time I was done with the movement. This would also be ok if she could walk off any increase in complaints.