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Eclectic Approach Texas is this Weekend!

Yee Haw! I get to teach someplace warm!

One more week to register for the Eclectic Approach UQ, including IASTM, Neurodynamics, Thrust Manipulation, MDT, SFMA, EDGE Bands and more! Here are the course locations. Hope to see you there! Register below through!

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  1. This was by far on my top 3 classes I have ever taken. As a practitioner interested in integrating methods and treatments, I was both humored and super impressed by the simplicity of Dr. Religioso's approach for integrating his knowledge and putting into practice. While most branded therapies are exclusive of anything that contradicts their dogma, Dr. Erson's seamless synthesis of multiple therapies is simply cutting Edge! Thanks for the great class! I can't wait for part 2!