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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Jason Rodeghero, In Touch PT, and the Sports Physiotherapist.

Jason Rodeghero is on a roll! The EIM faculty member has produced another great information video, this  time on hip arthritis. There are several patients I have in mind who need to see a video like this. Keep them coming JRod!

Dr. Harrison Vaughn recently wrote another interesting By the Numbers post; this time, it was on 1334 patients who participated in a study that looked at SMT, ex only, and SMT + ex. I need to look at this study more closely as I want to know what type of "exercise" was used, whether it was general stretching, stabilization, or something more directed like MDT. I have more questions than answers, but it does agree with what we teach in our Fellowship Program at Daemen College, manual therapy + exercise has superior outcomes than either alone.

I'm having a mild DOMs right now from my new and instantly loved Nike Frees! What am I doing about it? Nothing specifically, which is echoed by a recent review on several different commonly used self treatments for DOMs posted by the Sports Physiotherapist.


  1. Knows that you and the sports physiotherapist should read this re: DOMS. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=Connelly%20and%20McHugh%20tart%20cherry%20juice
    This study design is close to bulletproof. It's just a niche realm of the research.
    This tart cherry juice beverage virtually eliminated symptoms associated with muscle damage. The company who has patented the process of extracting the active ingredients in tart cherry juice is cheribundi. Any athlete who is not drinking this is shortchanging their recovery and performance!!! I drink 1-2 bottles a day as part of my training. Enjoy and if you are nearby a Wegman's which I believe you are they will have it.

  2. You know Wegmans, the best grocery store EVAR? They don't have them up there do they? I'll check out the study and the drink. I normally live with my DOMs as part of being active, like a badge of honor. I'll let you know what happens, thanks Chris.