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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Body in Mind, Jesse Physio, and Gray Cook. Also today marks the 1 year Blogiversary of The Manual Therapist!

Body in Mind uses some traditional Yoda wisdom in Fear is the Path to the Dark Side. Have you wondered about classical conditioning and fear? Can you acquire fear responses to pain and/or movement? What about predictable vs unpredictable conditions. How is pain rated for equal intensities?

Jesse Awenus recently blogged about What 2 Years has Taught Me (as in him). Great insight from a newb! (j/k Jesse, you're doing a great job!) I particularly like the points about customer service. I often forget where a patient went on vacation. I always ask about their family and kids, but do not know their kids names. Writing down facts about people really personalizes the experience. Now that is customer service!

How does the Deep Squat relate to golf? Gray Cook breaks it down with Joe from SportsRehabExpert.com. Great insight from a movement master!

Also, it's day 2 of the Blogiversary give away! Click here to enter and share!


  1. Thanks for the link back Erson! And I appreciate the kind words... I'm a newbie for sure...but I never let that become an excuse for not being the best I can be! Your site really helps with that!

  2. You newer PTs and clinicians are lucky to have the online resources you do now. I wish I did when I was 2 years out! I was still in the know it all phase then.

  3. Happy 1 year blogiversar, Erson!! I hope that you enjoyed anniversary time with full of excitement. I am so happy to hear that sounds from quick link back. As an Irvine therapist I wish you looking forward more in the next blogiversar!