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EDGE Instructions Videos

The long awaited EDGE Full Body Basics will soon be available for streaming! It will be subscription only. All EDGE Basics content will be updated from time to time, so your one time fee not only gets unlimited views, but also updated content as it is made available! The fee will be set soon. I estimate time everything will be ready to stream in 3-4 days! There will be a link on the EDGE store at to buy the subscription. Thanks to all for being patient.

Next up will be filming of the EDGE Upper Body Advanced Techniques!


  1. Dr. E,
    Just a quick question. I recently payed for the unlimited access to the OMPT channel for 1 year. I am not seeing any MWM's on the functional release channel - am I missing something. Also do I have access to the Edge basics instructional streaming video or is that separate?
    By the way....this is a great site....very impressed with what you do...need more sites and forums like yours in our field..
    Thank you,

  2. The MWMs are interspersed in the webinars because I teach them in my OMPT basics labs for entry level DPTs. You have access to the EDGE basics, it should be one of the folders/channels you can choose from. Thanks for your support! I will make a new video this week with my favorite MWMs for the upper and lower body. Also possible I haven't yet transitioned all my MWM vids from my free youtube channel to my paid channels.