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Research Review: Eccentrics for Hamstring Strain Prevention

via Sports Medicine Research

SMR reviews research that shows a simple partner based eccentric exercise for hamstrings may help prevent hamstring injuries. The research, with a large sample size of both groups showed that less hamstring strains occurred in the eccentric exercise group, but when they did occur, there was no difference for the injury severity.


  1. As noted in the post: "54 male Dutch soccer teams were randomly assigned to either the 10-week intervention group (23 teams, 461 players) or a control (27 teams, 482 players) condition." That's a pretty big sample size (over 460 people per group).

  2. Busted! Well, this is what I get for 1) Reading on my phone 2) posting quickly after I accidentally deleted today's post in an effort to have new things for readers daily. I read this quickly as 54 players, not teams... skimmed. Thanks and will edit!