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Important Petition

Joe Brence, DPT has started a petition to get CAPTE, which is our accrediting body for PT Education to ensure that pain science is mandatory for our PT curriculum. Had I not taken Butler's courses on Explain Pain, read his texts, and followed Lorimer Moseley, I would know only the basics of pain, much less how to properly treat and educate a chronic pain patient.

You DO NOT have to be a PT to sign the petition. I know this blog reaches a varied audience of PTs, LMTs, ATCs, DCs, and personal trainers among others. Please sign it!

Ensure Pain Science is part of PT Curriculums!

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  1. Geoffrey Bove, DC, PhDDecember 11, 2011 at 8:17 AM

    As a chiropractor and pain neurobiologist, I cannot stress enough the importance of having pain science mandatory in PT education.