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Important Issue, please support!

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Please support PTs in New York State regarding copayment legislation! We are considered "specialists" on the insurance panel and as such are subject to higher copays. Specialists are not supposed to be seen with the same frequency that is often needed for most PT cases in outpatient settings. I have some patients whose copays are  higher than their reimbursement rates from their HMO! I am currently trying to comment, but can't seem to get to the comments page. Maybe that's why there are only 2?


  1. I must say it is annoying. I have some pts that havew a $50 copay who are recovering from surgery who can only afford to come 1x a week since they are not working. It is crazy and i feel it affects pt's outcomes

  2. In Buffalo, where we have some of the lowest reimbursement in the country, we have pts whose copay is higher than our reimbursement. I just have them private pay and waive their insurance coverage.