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Technique Highlight: The Inferior Glide/Arm Slide

This is a great functional mobilization that works as a progression to your standard distraction, inferior, posterior glides to improve shoulder IR and elevation. You can't tell from the video, but it can be quite forceful as a mobilization with movement. I progress to this technique as a end of week 2/beginning of week 3 of rehab when the very restricted pt is more tolerant of manual therapy. I usually do this for 3-5 minutes of oscillations and some PNF then re-test function and/or ROM.

  • supine
    • Involved UE at rest beside their body
  • standing above involved UE
  • mob UE webspace just distal to the acromion 
    • may place your elbow against your iliac crest to stabilize
  • forearm in line with force
  • stabilize scapula and set to neutral position if anteriorly tipped or protracted
  • assisting hand firmly grasping distal forearm of involved UE
  • the pt slides their hand superiorly while abducting their shoulder
  • PT assisting hand holds the forearm flat on the table to promote IR
  • mob hand pushes and holds the humeral head inferiorly while it is actively rolling superiorly
  • repeat on and off, oscillate at end range, and progress to PNF at end ranges
  • limited IR and/or elevation
  • shoulder impingements


  1. Looking forward to using this. Thanks

  2. Post later and let us know how it works out for your patients!