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Great Post! Does Exercise Prevent Migraines as Good as Meds?


Pain-Topics reviews another article regarding pain and exercise, this time on migraines. I see a lot of patients with the Dx "migraine" in my clinic; these cases usually turn out to be cervicogenic or tension headaches easily treated by manual therapy and exercise. Occasionally, the patients have true migraines that are unaffected by mechanical means.

Based on this article, despite the only modest effects, I am going to start prescribing more general exercise in the clinic while they're there twice a week, which only leaves them two more times to do it at home. Sometimes we get away from our roots, and since I am firmly rooted in OMPT and MDT, I sometimes forget what every PT should know... almost everyone could use more general exercise in their routine.


  1. Thanks for posting this E. I agree with your comments in that I do not prescribe just general aerobic exercise either. I think there was a study on neck pain I believe that showed superior results when aerobic exercise of 20 minutes was implemented to typical PT treatment. Im sure there are many studies out there. Maybe we will get better results by adding this simple approach to our skilled manual treatment avenue. What I have found in the past is that since walking, or Nustep or bike isn't 'working the area' (say for neck pain), then patient's compliance is not high. It's tough enough to get them to do as I ask at home to begin with!

  2. Thanks Harrison. I invited several of the pts I'm currently treating to come into the clinic for some bike or treadmill not on their appointment days, at no charge. That seems to upping the general exercise compliance.