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Hasta La Vista Fascialator! Hola to .........

I was recently given some advice from a colleague to change "The Fascialator" to a more professional sounding name. Now, I always tell people who purchase a tool for their use what I called it, but they could call it whatever they want. I have a few ideas in my head, but if you readers out there have any, submit them! After a week, winner gets a free TASTM Tool!


  1. how about the Fibroblaster?? lol

  2. Reli-tool

    If I win I'd like a pink Reli-tool :)

  3. Well Erson I have been using it at the clinic and most people like the name D tool. Just throwing it out there

    Dave Costa

  4. CT Tool (Connective Tissue)

    Somato (Somatic Dysfunction)

    Hyalsome (Hyaluronan+Soma)

  5. The FIT, Fibroblast Improvement Tool

    The CAT, Collagen (or Connective tissue) Augmentation Tool

    ILA, I Like Acronyms

    Beard #1

  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys! It is officially now The EDGE Soft Tissue Tool!